Machine Learning
By 4thpointer • October 22, 2019

  We are living in the world of humans and machines. As  Human have been evolving and learning from their past experience . On the other hand, the era of machines and robots have just begun. You can consider it in a way that currently we are living in the primitive age of machines, while Continue Reading…

Is Software Test Automation for You?
By Ajay Shankar Maurya • August 16, 2018

  Isn’t it a valuable question? Both from the standpoint of is this type of work right for you as a tester, and are you highly efficient to do that? Especially due to the current trend in the software industry more kind of “automation testing” is being done on various kind of projects. This is Continue Reading…

DOCKER: Build, Ship & Run Software Anywhere
By Ajay Shankar Maurya • August 1, 2018

  Docker is one of the most important and useful devops, in terms of managing codes and make that project or code work on different systems, docker has no competitor. Docker is a software containerization platform i.e. one can build the application, package them along with their dependencies into a container and then these containers Continue Reading…

Automation in Information Technology
By Ajay Shankar Maurya • August 1, 2018

  According to Bill Gates “The first rule of any technology used in a business is that automation applied to an efficient operation will magnify the efficiency”. Automation is the process by which the tasks are performed by machines entirely, which were previously done by humans. Every industry has a set of accompaniments and processes that Continue Reading…

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