By Ajay Shankar Maurya • January 16, 2018

As the software development process is changing drastically,continuous deployment is what makes DevOps so special. It’s not only techies who are excited about DevOps. The concept of “agile” is certainly not new; so what is it that’s making the entire industry suddenly wake up and get excited about the DevOps concept and accelerate the step Continue Reading…

Artificial Intelligence: Technology Era is shaping now
By 4thpointer • October 25, 2017

Few years back, Stephan Hawkins said that the Artificial Intelligence is the future and with the amplification in the applications and use case based on IoT and Big Data we can presume that the initial version of that future is on the gate. Few recent technology movements are supporting the concept. Google’s DeepMind is learning how Continue Reading…

Mixed Reality-first introduced by Microsoft
By 4thpointer • October 4, 2017
  FourthPointer Services    

Microsoft introduces headsets for mixed reality and claiming that it will disappear the barrier between physical and digital world. The presentation and idea are promising and maybe it can change the regular workplace with the combination of Augmented and Virtual reality. They call it the new era of computing ‘ Era of Mixed Reality’. The Continue Reading…

IOT – Internet of Things
By 4thpointer • August 22, 2017

IoT is an ecosystem of electronic devices interconnected through the internet(other than typical connection like in computer and smartphones) and working together to complete jobs. Devices include everything from cell phones, coffee makers, washing machines, headphones, lamps, vehicles, wearable devices and almost anything else we can think of also includes people. The ‘thing’ in IoT Continue Reading…

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