The Fourthpointer Services Advantage

As a leading provider of business process and enterprise content management solutions Fourthpointer Services plays an integral role in how business is transformed now and in the future. We have a proven implementation methodology and we would like to be your IT support provider of choice. Our software and business services play an essential role in addressing the challenges faced by global organizations and creating a roadmap to overcome them in the future. Fourthpointer Services Pvt. Ltd. , coupled with expert support services, connect organizations’ data and critical business processes in ways that affect bottom line profitability and operational efficiency. Fourthpointer Services works closely with its partners to deliver high value solutions across all industries.

Quality Policy

Fourthpointer Services is zealous to retain the highest quality standards – of people, processes and infrastructure. That reflects in our venture to ensure the highest quality in each aspect of our conveys to each and every customer participation of ours.

Our Performance

At Fourthpointer Services we believe “if you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it”. This is why we have developed so many solutions ourselves to ensure we can obtain the excellence in what we need.

Making Your Choices Easier

New technologies tempt many organizations by creating an understandable level of anxiety in them. “Which solutions will benefit my organization? Which can I afford? Which are reliable? Will this solution still be right for us in the future? Will we be “locked in”?”. In recognition of this we have worked with our clients to create a rapt Experience, a Fourthpointer Services facility which provides you a hands-on experience of what is possible. This involves some small steps during which we provide you with the confidence that the chosen direction is perfect for your organizations , we accredit this as our “Pointing towards excellence”.

Our Heritage

In IT terms, we’ve be around for a long time. If you want to understand what is at the heart of any company, look at it’s past. Fourthpointer Services has always been arduous in innovation, profound thinking, and an unrelenting desire to deliver the best possible service, and some things never change. We have continually adapted to changing markets, and come out top. Not by copying others or attempting to do everything ourselves, but carefully choosing to complement our own award winning services with those partners who themselves have award winning services. What does this mean for our customers? They get the very best services available.

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