Blockchain – An Era Changing Technological Innovation
By Ajay Shankar Maurya • November 9, 2016

Introduction Blockchain is an innovation for another era of value-based applications that builds up trust, responsibility and straightforwardness while streamlining business forms. It is a Continue Reading…

War on Black Money | Move to Scrap Rs 1,000 and Rs 500 Notes Will Help in Long Run, Says RBI
By Ajay Shankar Maurya • November 9, 2016

India has settled on a strict choice of banning general 500 and 1000 rupee notes from flow which is an aftereffect of discovering 1.25 lakh Continue Reading…

IMAP vs POP3 Email Service
By 4thpointer • July 5, 2016

POP3 and IMAP are two different protocols (methods) used to access email. Of the two, IMAP is the better option – and the recommended option Continue Reading…

Online Marketplace System for Publication Houses
By 4thpointer • June 23, 2016

Indian Education sector is expanding with the help of technology. It is enabling to overcome barriers of distance and scale. Many universities, education institutes, publications Continue Reading…

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