Artificial Intelligence: Technology Era is shaping now

By Abhishek Singh October 25, 2017

Few years back, Stephan Hawkins said that the Artificial Intelligence is the future and with the amplification in the applications and use case based on IoT and Big Data we can presume that the initial version of that future is on the gate. Few recent technology movements are supporting the concept.

Google’s DeepMind is learning how to better apply radiotherapy to cancer patients. When exposing patients to dangerous doses of radiation, the goal is to kill the tumor while limiting exposure to surrounding (healthy) areas. Now, DeepMind is working with researchers at University College Hospital in London to develop artificial intelligence systems that could automate large portions of this process. Source

Kawasaki Kanjo Engines

Kawasaki is developing artificial intelligence for motorcycle that will enable future bikes to chat with their riders, and even allow them to control the cycles using their voice. The system Kawasaki is developing is called the “Kanjo Engine,” kanjo translating  to “emotion” in English. Though currently in early stages of development, Kawasaki’s new technology is being created with the intent of understanding human speech, monitoring rider status, and generally being a genial companion for its rider. It should even be able to accelerate or brake based on voice commands, according to CNET. ….Source

Power of AI

The power of AI has multiplied with different capabilities, such as voice recognition, natural language processing (NLP), sentience, ability to deal with complexity, deep learning, pattern recognition, computer vision, predictive and prescriptive insights and emoting.

This already is reality. Canadian insurer, Optima Global Health, has teamed up with Ellipse Synergy to develop a fully digitized system, which will make life insurance forms more dynamic and intuitive, facilitating the ability of employers to assess employee health and wellness and intervene if employees need aid.

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