Cloud Storage

By Abhishek Singh July 24, 2017

Storage……a problem…but not any more…..

What  if I tell  you  that you can enhance your devices storage capacities without even spending thousands of bucks on Hard drives, memory chips and all ?


Sound interesting?


Yes, it is possible with cloud storage..The basis for cloud storage is virtualisation and here it is storage   virtualisation  . Virtualisation in simple words is dividing a physical server into multiple logical  server  where each logical server act as a physical server. These logical server is what we use for our mass data storage without  spending tons of money on storage and data maintenance .This is not only beneficial for the big it industries but also for the small it firms in order to not only store large amount of data but also in maintaining them. cloud storage is also beneficial for the common public where they can store large amount of data by using cloud storage provided by various service providers like…..  google  ,yahoo ,hotmail ,etc that too for FREE.


Well  it doesn’t  sound  economic  spending  thousands  and  thousands  of  bucks on storing data and on hiring manpower to manage it specially when we talk about small it firms with lesser capital availability.  so, for  them  cloud storage is the economic  and suitable way to store and manage their data without concerning about the money factor associated with it. You just need to pay for what you  use  . cloud storage is a economic way not only for the small firms but also for the big it industries because who wants to spend tons of money on storing data and also on managing it when we can have it for lesser amount of money and also with better facilities……

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