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Booste your online education business with our IT solutions - anywhere anytime

A leading Provider Of Educational Technology Solutions

The constant evolution of technology in the High Tech industry necessitates frequent, easily accessible, and reliable
web-enabled knowledge upgrades and education. 4thPointer leveraged its years of experience in the e-Learning
space and ready availability of domain experts to provide customized e-learning and education solutions.

The 4thPointer Benefits

Learning Portal

4thPointer learning portal provides searchable learning, information, collaboration, and social networking features. It can be used for employees (as a multifaceted learning environment) as well as for customers (as a product training environment).

Building End To Solutions

Monetize transactional data from external sources such as sensors, social platforms, and weather disruptions. Leverage BI and insights to achieve greater visibility on shipments, utilize assets more productively, and optimize your service portfolio.

Enhance customer centricity

Combine analytics and the power of social media to promote customer engagement and intimacy. Improve the relevance and reach of your customer and brand management initiatives and ensure marketing effectiveness through targeted campaigns.

Improve Productivity

Every day the world shifts more towards digital media and interactive experiences. Organizations struggle with how to transform internally to meet the challenges of this new connected digital world. 4thPointer can help you to accomplish digital evolution.

Enhance Product Sale

Maintaining legacy applications and enhancing the functionalities is time consuming and expensive. Our experienced resources create processes, methodologies and tools to streamline legacy activities

Increase Students Reach

4thPointer has vast experience in partnering with clients in implementing “Customer Experience Management” solutions covering eCommerce, loyalty management, CRM, and sales and marketing solution

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